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MedTech Engine brings you health care news and information, from emerging trends in medicine to health care research.

With so much misinformation on the internet, online readers need authoritative sources that can back provide you with reliable information, actionable advice and up to date news.

Modern Medical Technology 

Every day, researchers and companies make groundbreaking strides in advancing our understanding of the human body and the technology that can help us make it better. However, new medical technology can be very confusing and even frightening to those who are not familiar with how they work. 

MedTech Engine simplifies the mechanics and theories behind new medical technology. Our articles explain complex concepts that make these advances possible. In doing so, we hope to remove the fear and uncertainty surrounding potentially life-saving medicines and treatments.

Latest Healthcare Developments

There are always new developments in health care, from new laws regarding medical institutions to updates regarding previous treatments. Keeping up to date about what’s happening in the medical and health care community is crucial if you want to make well-informed decisions. 

MedTech Engine’s articles lets you know what’s going on in the medical community and gives you current information on a variety of health care related subjects. 

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Our Authors

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Christine Kirk

Christine works as a hospital pharmacist while she works on her own medical degree. Her personal idols include mystery author Agatha Christie and pioneer physician Dr. Mary Walker.
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Salvatore Petrillo

Salvatore is a nurse practitioner who shares his apartment with his husband and three cats. When he isn’t working, Salvatore is busy rescuing his cats from shelves and making sure the houseplants are alright.
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